Welcome to my website!

Hopefully you are already signed up for my newsletter (if not ummmm hi sign up at the bottom of the page thank you!!) but if not, here's the first email:

Hi! It's Elani!

Some of you might know me from my climbing stickers, from my paintings, ceramics or just from life! 

I've been creating art in many forms my whole life, but this past year held a lot of growth in terms of how I shared my art publicly. In the past year, I decided to prioritize creating much more, as well as exploring displaying and sharing my art in much more public ways (super new and scary for me! aaah)! I've learned a ton along the way. Some milestones from this year: starting to table at farmer's markets and craft fairs, being the featured artist and having my paintings displayed at Field Day & Friends, discovering a love for creating with clay, and last, but not least, opening my own online shop/website!

Why is this so exciting? As my art grows publicly, I wanted to move to my own website for many reasons, the biggest of which being that I've never interested in only making one type thing, or even using one medium. I started off on Etsy but their algorithms make it difficult for sellers with handmade items or creations that are all different.

This website is my own space where I can have much more control over how my work is accessed and I can share updates/sketchbook photos/whatever I want with you all! I've been building it in my little lair and cackling to myself the whole time hehehe. Can't wait for you to check it out! 

My Etsy will remain open for now with a few products for international customers but I'll be primarily using my website from now on! 

I'd just like to thank you again for supporting my art and staying with me as it evolves! I'm always blown away by the support and positive responses from you all. Hope you are staying safe and find lots of beauty and art in your life! 

Thank you for being here!


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