January sketchbook peek


Here's a peek into my sketches from this month. Took a few weeks off of art to reset at the end of the year, and shaking off the dust again took quite a bit of effort! But I'm proud that the last sketchbook was full within a year (I did more art / wrote more!) and hoping to continue that momentum this year. 

Going back to basics trying to practice different angles of the face / different lighting. Plus a pear I loved the colors of. I'm really enjoying colored pencils right now!

Continuing to play with different angles of the face. Plus a horse (of course) that I felt was too tight - had to loosen up and I only had a pink highlighter with me so I kinda scribbled around until I liked it. One of my biggest challenges in my sketchbook is being ok with messing up / messy looking pages - this is a good reminder to myself that this is my space to play and make mistakes. You can see how I messed up the proportions on the bottom portraits and tried to salvage them in pen lol.

Some portrait studies that I thought turned out really well! Working on color schemes / lighting with colored pencil is really fun and gives me the same freedom as oil painting (but with more portable tools!)

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