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January sketchbook peek


Here's a peek into my sketches from this month. Took a few weeks off of art to reset at the end of the year, and shaking off the dust again took quite a bit of effort! But I'm proud that the last sketchbook was full within a year (I did more art / wrote more!) and hoping to continue that momentum this year.  Going back to basics trying to practice different angles of the face / different lighting. Plus a pear I loved the colors of. I'm really enjoying colored pencils right now! Continuing to play with different angles of the face....

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Welcome to my website!

Hopefully you are already signed up for my newsletter (if not ummmm hi sign up at the bottom of the page thank you!!) but if not, here's the first email: Hi! It's Elani! Some of you might know me from my climbing stickers, from my paintings, ceramics or just from life!  I've been creating art in many forms my whole life, but this past year held a lot of growth in terms of how I shared my art publicly. In the past year, I decided to prioritize creating much more, as well as exploring displaying and sharing my art in...

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